Beautiful red hibiscus

Here is a very interesting flower that I particularly like.
But before showing you the one I just made, let’s have a small cultural break is needed…
It is known since the highest Antiquity. Cultivated in Egypt and in Asia for their ornamental beauty, it also gives an edible fruit and certain species have even medicinal properties. The Moors of Spain have the brilliant idea to import this flower in Europe during the 12th century.

Well, no more suspense… Let’s talk flower making.
There are no many elements on this flower, just 5 giant petals opening like corollas and its central prominence.
When I cut my elements, there were two types of calix and didn’t know where to put the 2nd. But viva internet! It is a calix (5 lobes) and a epicalyx (6 lobes) that is placed under.
Mine is red but it exists a large variety of hibiscus colors.



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