Books about gold embroidery

La broderie Or de Rochefort – Mick Fouriscot, Simone Château, Marie Hélène César –  Editions Didier Carpentier (Gold embroidery of Rochefort, book in French)

This book presents the basics of gold embroidery: history of this type of embroidery, tools and supplies, the techniques of gold embroidery (relief, cannetilles, intersections, stitches used, jaseron sewing, sewing paillettes, etc…). Summary and effective document for the beginners, it’s ideal to have an idea about what gold embroidery is. It also proposes patterns to make.

Gold Embroidery, techniques, projects and pure inspiration – Hazel Everett – Search Press

So there I have a pearl of book in my hands. I had trouble to find it in French, but you will be able to find it easily in its original language, English.
Hazell Everett studied every type of embroidery at the RSN (Royal School of Needlework) but it’s the gold embroidery that she’s fond of.
In this book, she unveils the supplies to use, the various techniques to place the various elements in detail with many photos, but also very original and refined personal projects to make. Flowers, insects, dragons, seahorse are presented, and other patterns can be made to adorn objects such as suspensions, adornments for needle booklets, buttons.
I have two more things to add: if you see it, take it without thinking and read it again and again.

Gold Embroidery – Helen McCook – RSN (Royal School of Needlework) – Search Press

Here’s the second book I get in collaboration with the RSN. I loved the book from Hazell Everett and wanted to know what can bring me about gold embroidery another person coming from the RSN. She talks about history, tools and supplies you need to make this kind of embroidery like other people, but also take as a base historic and contemporaneous pieces to give explanations, and presents combined techniques with the use of color and various techniques she approached previously in the book.
Another very convenient thing, the pages of the book are ring-bound that make the reading very pleasant.

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