Books about needle embroidery

I didn’t know this type of embroidery not a long time ago but when I realized that the aim was to paint with long and short stitches essentially, I was blown. What a stunning effect, with simple stitches, but which require precision because of the color shades all like painting are essential for a good finishing. It gave me a strong impression and I wanted to know more about this technique. These books present the tips to succeed, because it’s possible if you are careful and they complement each other.

Needle painting – Sarah Homfray – RSN – Search Press4

Sarah Homfray makes us know from her introduction that this luxury art is within the reach of everyone for our biggest joy. In this perspective, she proposes as far as possible various methods and approaches to succeed. She tempers her says precising that nothing can be learnt in a flash but with practice and precision.
One of the first images is a stunning magnolia which will motivate us from the beginning and the continuation of this activity.
We start with a bit of history of needle painting and follow with the equipment. But where the important is to be considered is the alignment with the color palette of paints. Sarah emphasizes the creation of an image, the color, the composition, shades, associations, temperatures, the chromatic circle hence the importance to have the color chart of the thread to better associate them.
Then comes the chapter with the method to transfer a design, the mounting of the frame, the stitches to use, the steps with images to make them, designs to make with a schema, examples to train according to specific shapes, projects to embroider and an inspirational image gallery.

Needle painting – Jocelyne Kurc, Meilleur Ouvrière de France 1997 – Tutti Frutti

A 2nd book on this subject was good to have for me to have a vision of various authors. The fact that this woman has been Meilleur Ouvrier de France comforted me in the choice of this book and I didn’t make a mistake.
We start like the other book by the history of needle painting with great illustrative images, tools and supplies, various stitches with different steps to make them and various shapes, then follows the delicious chapter with designs to make in detail (6 flowers-fruits) and finish with an image gallery of various very refined embroiderers.

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