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I fell in love with this pin bouquet from the artist Anna Borwski under the aegis of the agency L’Accent du M for the factory Bohin. This artistic design is a limited edition to 50 copies. A real refined and creative small jewelry piece.

For the history books, beyond its sewing function, the pin is a strong traditional and emotional symbol: they were thrown into fountains or pinned into statues to find love, offered to court a woman, a symbol of moving from girl to woman, a valuable gift that were offered as a pledge of affection.

L’accent du M, by creating this pin bouquet, brings up this ancient code again, like we offer a flower bouquet today. The head pin has been transformed into a flowery head to erase the functional image and to only keep its symbolic one.

This is a set of 12 pins which heads are made from resin. One of them is made from raw silver (the brooch), brooch that is pinned on the bodice as a favorable answer to this sentimental gift.

This agency intends to create several pin collections from which this one is the first. They will invite each year a new artist to revisit the pin head.

I can’t wait to see which artist will create the 2nd edition!

Beyond this small collection object, it permitted me to know a new designer, Anna Borowski. Laureate of the « Jeunes Créateurs des Ateliers d’Art de France» french art competition in 2014, this young illustrator-modeller-cater-sculptor which studio is based in Paris use synthetic materials to give birth to its poetic world inspired by cabinets of curiosities, nature, animals, insects and imaginary characters.
When we have a look at her creations, it seems that they are made from porcelain or bronze. These synthetic materials permit her to create this illusion.

I invite you to discover this unusual artist who is a real favorite.


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