Christmas decoration idea


This year, I wanted to prepare a personalized decoration for Christmas. I chose a golden decoration, sober and enhanced with Art deco details for my table. I also created fabric Christmas trees for the house.

To adorn my glasses, I have chosen small charms where I attached a jump ring then a gold satin ribbon that I knotted to the feet of my glasses. A Japanese fan, a moon, ivy leaves, a small carved box, flowers and a fairy.
I have made one more for my carafe of wine. A golden angel.




To decorate my napkins, I have made napkin rings with an imitation leather cord. I attached clamps to it on each side, a jump ring and then a clasp for bracelets. I have chosen charms different from the glasses: a filigree butterfly, a treble key, a four-leaf clover, a leaf and a beveled charm attached to them a big jump ring where I get over the cord. Two turns around the napkin wind around itself and that’s it!
I have found beautiful golden napkins with snowflakes drawings that perfectly match my organza tablecloth with golden stars put over a white tablecloth.






For my fabric Christmas trees, I have chosen cotton fabrics with different patterns. Here is the tutorial I found on Dawanda (designer marketplace blog). They are easy to make and the explanations are very clear. They are written in French but thanks to the images everyone can understand it.

I have hand sewn on the top of the trees a small star charm, a four-leaf clover, a ladybug or a gold or red satin bows. You may also want to sew on the branches some bead tinsels for example.

This may give you some simple ideas to make and to do your own thing with it for next day before Christmas. Happy sewing!

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