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The last Friday 18th of May 2018, the chamber of trade and craftsmanship of the Paca region and its 7 european franco-italian partners* launched the Art Lab Net project and its digital art and crafsmanship platform at the Dojo in Nice.

This big scale project aims at supporting the art craftsmen of Sardinia, of Corsica, of Liguria, of the Maritime Alps and of the Var on the road of innovation by proposing them new techniques and tools in order to support their digital transition. The final goal is to revitalize their activity, their creativity, their tradition on a modern aspect without denying their savoir-faire, their land and their culture with the creation of 4 resources centers with fab labs, workshops, places of exhibition, a coaching by designers, marketing experts, distribution and promotion professionals.

This opening ceremony also intended to show visitors the craftsmen of the Paca region exposed, and I had the opportunity to show my designs in this place full of creative energy perfect for this occasion.

Art crafsmanship knows today a renewed interest which it follows the creation of a website dedicated to professionals and public, a directory of art craftsmen all disciplines taken together: a skills window, with a personal space for each craftsman presenting the portfolio of his more emblematic designs.
It even proposes tours dedicated to art craftsmanship (by place and by theme), art workshops visits to discover rare and varied skills. It’s the occasion to visitors to exchange with creators passioned with their job.

This event is followed by the Magazine Claire and  Marie Claire Maison which published an article in the edition of July 2018.

My window in the Art Lab Net directory.

*The regional chamber of trade and craftsmanship of Corsica
The Genoa University
Sassari’s Beaux-arts Academy
Insight Human Ressources
The association Artimanos of Cagliari
The association Pigna mon amour of Sanremo



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