Cross stitch and beaded embroidery from the Lesage case N°1

embroidery frame

In order for me to improve my skills in beaded embroidery, I start now the embroidery case from Lesage with cross stitch and beaded needle designs which I was talking about in this article.
You don’t need the Luneville crochet hook for this case because everything is done with needles.

This case has inside creative documents to embroider 40 designs, of which 25 are part of the archives of the house and 15 created especially for this case (4 difficulty levels: very easy, easy, elaborate, difficult). Each document states the supplies to procure and how to embroider the pattern.

So that I will write 4 blog articles with examples of embroidery I have made from each level according to what I learnt and above all of what I managed to do, lol…

The explanations are clear but you shouldn’t forget to have a look at the stitches glossary with images at the end of the booklet. This case is rather done for someone who already made embroidery before ( to know how to start and end a work for exemple) because it contains ribbon embroidery designs, beads and paillettes sewing, braids, etc…

tulle embroidery

lesage embroidery frame

flowers ribbon embroidery

paillette embroidey

paillette and bead embroidey

lesage firefly

paillette and bead bracelet

lesage case necklace