“Exquiste Parenthesis” workshops in the south of France

For two years now, Christelle Gontier-Petiot of Filanthrope Broderies (Embroidery designer) and Annick Maubert bobbin lace maker crafstwoman organise in the south of France, at Château des Selves, a vineyard located in Seillans in the Var, workshops entitled « Délicieuses Parenthèses » (Exquisite Parenthesis) proposing embroidery and bobbin lace workshops.

This year, 5 kinds of workshops are proposed: 
– Discovery of cross stitch for beginners workshop
– Personalization and embellishment (cross stitch)
– Discovery of bobbin lace workshop (making a long necklace, bracelet or dream catcher)
– Bobbin lace beginners workshop
– Ribbon embroidery workshop (making a needle cushion adorned with a ribbon embroidery design)

Each workshop permits to get or to improve the techniques and tips for cross stitch, bobbin lace or embroidery and the basic materials, personalized materials to make these models and to embellish them are included. There is also the possibility to housing if we want to make several workshops!

Last year, I started learning cross stitching with Miguel the Chameleon and this year in this stunning place, I chose to improve this learning and to add a discovery of ribbon embroidery technique workshop facilitated by Patou from “Patou et des Poussières” invited by Christelle and Annick to share her beautiful know-how.

I already saw some embellishments points recently thanks to the Prestige case “Cleopatra” but here, I have the opportunity to test before anyone a new artistic grid with a design from Misstigri, “Witch” that I prefered to “Russian” with green and blue shades. It can be said that this design was made for me!
What is new and innovative is that grid is that there is no grid to follow, no instructions to choose the colors, neither parts to cross stitch particularly. This is a totally open grid which leaves an entire freedom to your creativity.

We have the possibility to choose the colors printed on the canvas (a kit of threads and beads is available) or to completely start on other colors. At the beginning, I was a bit lost because this is new for me, but in fact this is the interesting thing, we do exactly what we want, we let our inspiration of the moment operate.
By not knowing so much embroidery techniques, Christelle guided me to choose interesting points to highlight the design according to my preferences.
Christelle proposes 2 canvas of this kind for the moment but if you really appreciate it, there will be more of these.
I really liked the colors of this design for which I fell in love before going to the workshop. I loved learning new embellishments and hope to show you what I have done soon.

The big advantage to come here is also to benefit from the presentation of new models, accessories and original materials. It’s great to have the opportunity to see all the designs and buy it without waiting.

My 2nd day of workshop: discovery of the ribbon embroidery with Patou, Patou et des Poussières.
I didn’t know anything about ribbon embroidery since Christelle told me about it a moment ago. When she told that there was the possibility to learn it in her workshops I right away said that I was ready.
Patou proposed to create a ribbon embroidery and to transform it into a pin cushion.
I have the possibility to choose my linen color, my fabric, my threads, my adornment beads. Isn’t it great? What a pleasure to follow this workshop with such a person as Patou in both artistic and personal level. A real pearl. It’s when you participate to this kind of workshops that you see that learning with a pro, it’s smoother, we get the tips to do beautiful things faster, we have the contact with persons and we learn with fun.
I invite you to discover her work on her Facebook page. She proposes instructions to make her house-sewing kits designs, various decoration accessories, pouches and photos holders, etc…

Without saying that we have gifts, threads of great quality, an original printed canvas by Christelle, a beautiful kit to practice moreover ribbon embroidery and material to make it by Patou. Thank you!
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A big thank you to Mylène also from Château de Selves for her warm welcome, for her wine and flavored oil tastings in this magic place where in this month of October, we have the opportunity to enjoy the sunny terrace and a breathtaking view on the vineyard.

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