FOCUS – Crown of Roses « Rosée du Matin »

What a beautiful art is the one of creating artificial flowers and floral adornments !
Making artificial flowers and mounting them in adornments, crowns, hair sticks, brooches, bracelets require a lot of time, various steps, patience and savoir-faire.
Even if you already seen on my blog photos and read about the different steps of flower making art in my article about the Art craftsmen flower maker and about the tools to shape petals and leaves (old and modern ones), I wanted to show you with images how I made one of my latest floral adornments, the crown of roses “Rosée du Matin”.

Sometimes fascinating, source of inspiration, emblem of absolute love, romantic queen of flowers, the rose doesn’t stop betwitching the world and being one of my favourite flowers, it will often come in the flower adornments that I make.

Step 1 – Cutting the elements
After having stiffened my white silk satin, I cut the elements which compose my roses : (petals, leaves, calix) and prepare my stamens.

white silk

Step 2 – Painting of my elements
Then, comes the delicate and important step of painting the elements with a faded of one or several colors according to your choice.
Here, I chose three colors for the petals (pink, burgundy and yellow at the center), for the leaves – calix two different greens (chlorophyll and olive green) and my stamens in burgundy to accentuate the center of the flower.

silk painting

silk elements of the roses

silk elements of the roses

silk elements of the roses
Step 3 – Shaping the petals and leaves
Now we have to shape my elements with my flower making tools.
Several tools are needed to shape one flower whether for petals and leaves.

somebana iron

old iron shaped as a leaf

shaped silk elements

shaped silk elements
Step 4 – assembling the elements
Assembly of petals, calix and leaves on their stem before mounting them into a crown.

silk roses

Step 5 and not the least – Final assembly
Assembly of the flowers and leaves into a crown that is then covered by a light purple silk cordonnet.
The crowns can be adjusted thanks to a vintage lace, a satin or organza ribbon. Here, I chose an ivory finely made vintage lace.

If you want me to make custom flowers for you for a dress, a crown of roses, a brooch or any other flower adornment, don’t hesitate to contact me by email ( or phone (+33(0)4 93 30 02 82).

crown of silk roses

silk roses

old lace vintage