Handmade stamens


Today, I want to try a recipe to make my own stamens. I found it on a Russian web page. I used cotton thread, gelatin (to stiffen the thread), flour, white glue (to make the paste).

I thought to add a tea spoon of water to have more of it and above all to delay its drying. In fact, when you make bunches of stamens, time is running and the paste dries. I also noticed that it makes the paste smoother, so give a smoother effect to the stamens.
You can add some paint to color the paste or paint the stamens with nail polish or acrylic paint.
You may want to sprinkle them with coffee or pencil to color them or to give them texture (applying some glue before).

I made 70 double white stamens in order to paint them as I like according to the colors of the flowers I will make. I get a very good result as expected. This recipe is perfect. I didn’t use my whole mixture. I stopped because the paste started to become unusable.
On the other hand, when we consider the time that it takes, I really made this for the love of handmade art. Stamens bunches are not expensive, I can find them in white as well as in color and of different shapes according to the flower I want to make.











  1. Mrs Hackley

    And where’s the recipe?


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