I’m changing course!

I have been working on a new project for almost 2 years now.
For 12 years, I made with my little hands creations in unique pieces and limited editions, in line with the current of alternative fashion.
Thank you for trusting me through your orders, for supporting me all these years with your messages.

But now it’s time to change course for me and express myself through another medium: Art. In the future, I will therefore put my craftsmanship, my attention to detail, my desire for quality, my search for excellence and creativity at the service of Art, which will allow me to tell stories and express my emotions.

But what kind of Art?

These are works of art, artistic artworks made using the different techniques that I used in fashion, that is to say embroidery, mainly the Lunéville hooktechnique, with the use of antique and glass beads, the use of lace, handmade artificial silk flowers, the technique of leaf gilding.

I invite you to immerse yourself in my new artistic, creative, and always unconventional universe!
Here are some examples of my work:
You can click on the photos to have more details on these works.

Vanity Embroidered Artwork

Artwork Vanité

Sacred Heart Embroidered Artwork

Artwork Coeur Sacré

Punk Attitude Embroidered Artwork

Artwork Punk Attitude

Black Planet Embroidered Artwork
Artwork Black Planet