Jema 2018 Day 3 – My new passion embroidery (Part 1)

Well yes, I didn’t bet myself a few years ago that I could say that sentence… But we change, we move on, we see what is beautiful where we didn’t see that before.
I gone to Lunéville recently to learn beaded embroidery and I came back completely fond of it…
Until then, I progressed by doing exercises on books I was talking about in this article.

On the book « La broderie de Lunéville » (Lunéville Embroidery) Didier Carpentier editions by Roland Gravelier and Mick Fouriscot, I have made the embroidery of the cover but much bigger nearly twice the design..

On the book « Broderie d’art de Lunéville » (Art Embroidery of Lunéville) by Bruno Faure, L’inédite editions, I have made two square embroideries learning to practice various stitches (paillette and beads sewing with the Lunéville crochet, putting some padding to give relief, chain stitch) and various animal designs and leaves (seahorse, starfish, leaves and baroque patterns, dragonfly). See next article: Jema 2018 Day 4.
Here are the progresses I have made since my come back from Lunéville.
Soon, I will go on with the Lesage case proposing cross stitch and traditional embroidery.


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