Jema 2018 Day 5 – Hat Maker

What is to be a hat maker?
A hat maker is a designer making hats, hair accessories and handmade fascinators often sold as unique pieces or very limited editions, to businesses or to general people for their own use, into the show or fashion fields, which requires technical knowledge and much imagination.

Maybe you don’t know that but my hats I make ate completely handmade from A to Z. In fact, I don’t buy a base for hats but make my own base and I only use a sewing machine to double my hat material and to create my lining. For the rest (sewing the fabrics, assembly of the different parts of the hat, assembly of the lining and decorations) is hand sewn. This make my hats little beauties but also permits to place my elements with precision and permits their strength.

First, I cut my hat material according to the shape I want and sew these layers together (generally two for more strength).
Then, I cover the various parts with my fabric cut as the shape of the hat and assemble the various parts of the hat. I make my lining then sew it inside the hat by hand as well as a hatband around the entry of my mini hats as it is made for bigger hats. I add an elastic for it to stay above the heat.

Some people ask me sometimes what are the stars sewn in the hatbands?  Do they have any meaning? Yes indeed. It is a tradition to milliners (hat fashion designers): milliners sew a star, most of the time in the hatband, meaning that the hat has been completely handmade. The hats of Manuela Biocca Créations are completely traditional and original productions made with the best care for the pleasure of our customers!

People say to me that my hats are stunning, but they don’t know when they will be able to wear them. Many people think that hats can be worn only for special occasions but personally, I think that today, hats are in fashion, we see people wearing them more and more in the streets, we can dare wearing one without shame.
You will maybe want according to your feelings of the day, to choose a more colorful or bigger design, but why not dare to be even more resolutely feminine and vibrant more often?




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