Jema 2018 Day 6 – Bobbin lace

I finish today my posts about the 2018 European Heritage Days by talking about the art of bobbin lace making.
In 2014, I initiated to bobbin lace and I succeeded to make my own laces that I put on jewelry, a checkbook and bags. I really feel much proud about it when people asked me if I have made this myself and I was answering a shy “yes”. And my visitors to answer “wow, it’s wonderful!” impressed by so much patience.
I initiated with the very talented Annick Maubert from whom you can find some designs to make and supplies to practice bobbin lace on the website of Christelle Petiot of Filanthrope broderies.
See more bobbin lace designs I have made in the category « Bobbin Lace » on my blog.

bobbin lace maker

making bobbin lace

bag with bobbin lace

check book with bobbin lace

bobbin lace bracelet