Leaf gilding workshop

Leaf gilding

Once again, with the chamber of trades, I was able to make a workshop of golf leaf gilding applied in the fields of construction and restoration of furniture.
The students had to bring a small object or frame to cover it with gilded copper foil. I brought a frame which you can see here the final result.

Leaf gilding

We were also taught that with vinegar applied to cotton and leaving it to rest, a patina can be created with the copper foil.

I participated in the gilding of a frame covered with plate to be gilded with moldings that we had to cover also with gold leaf. I had to fill in the spaces where the gold leaf didn’t paste due to lack of adhesion or where the gold leaf tended to tear.

Leaf gilding
After making these experiments, I participated in the restoration of a frame with floral ornaments on the sides and mounting of the frame. This is an old frame that had to be restored before putting on the golden leaves.

Leaf gilding
My work also consisted of applying this technique to my field of activity, the creation of fashion accessories and the creation of artificial flowers. I wanted to test the gold leaf on fabric and on my silk flowers so that I brought some samples with me.Here are my conclusions:The water gilding paste allowing to stick the gold leaf to the fabric is suitable but not the oil gilding paste that does not allow to stick the gold leaf to the fabric even after having followed the pause time. Indeed, the gilding comes off almost completely when dusting with my brush.We cannot apply the gold leaf on the petals of my flowers before the shaping of them because the gilding sticks to my metal tools.It’s therefore necessary to apply a water gilding paste once the flower is finished. But this may leave residues into the flower, it must be dusted and shaken to remove these residues falling in the hollow of the petals. It’s probably better to apply the golden leaf on petals before the blooming of the flower. 
On the other hand, on a mesh fabric, the gold leaf is cracked as a trainee artist. has tested it.

Leaf gilding

What a great experience it was in the company of other students in a friendly atmosphere and with the very dynamic trainer who embarked us in this passion.

Here is a slideshow of what has been done individually and in group.

Next workshop end of March 2019
: I perfect my apprenticeship in the art of stained glass after completing a first workshop in November 2018.