Magic vials for my clients



Last year, before going to the art and craft exhibition Artisa (2014 edition), I made small presents for my clients: small “magic” vials lucky charms adorned with silk roses, filigrees, fairies, lace and gemstones containing a crystal, rose quartz or amethyst sphere where was attached a message inviting to make wish.

Here I am again going last November (2015 edition) to this exhibition carrying in my luggage brand new vials inspired by imaginary, fairy worlds and by enchanting landscapes.

I bought small glass vials closing with cork stoppers.
Fairies, stars, filigrees, moon, cabochons, nuggets and pointed gemstones come to bring a magic and mysterious touch to these unique and original gifts (moonstone, jade, rose quartz, sunstone, fluorite, calcite, amethyst, bull’s eye)


compo fioles 1 BLOG

compo fioles 2 BLOG




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