Making of my woolly beanie hat


I didn’t learn to knit so that I needed a simple, easy and playful way to knit this woolly hat. I found this tutorial that permit to make a woolly beanie hat with a round knitting loom. It sounded me simple for a beginner and I must admit, that it is very well explained, step by step with sentences that come on the screen to complete the video.



I gone in search for round looms. I found some at reasonable price on the online shop Butinette, a set of 4 looms of different diameters (Ø 13 cm, 18 cm, 23 cm, 28 cm). They are delivered with a crochet and a plastic needle for wools. I specify that the pegs of the looms have a notch on the front to put the crochet and to catch the wool without separating its threads. Very convenient.


I chose a soft dark grey wool Online Linie 55 Montego (knitting needle size 6-7) in the same shop.

compo laine


I followed her instructions of measurement to have a long hat that have a friendly sprite look. And here it is! After 2 little afternoons (it can be shorter, but it’s not so bad for a beginner, no?), I finally have my soft and hot woolen hat.

Material needed :

  • Round knitting loom of diameter 29 cm
  • Wool for knitting needles 6-7
  • Crochet
  • Needle for wool

Steps of the video tutorial:

  • Brim of the hat
  • The 2 different alternated knots to give the hat its texture
  • Closing the hat







I decided for my part to add a pompom. To do that, nothing’s more easy. I think that everyone already done that when we were child but let’s refresh our memory. The tutorial is available HERE.



Butinette (in french)
Round looms product sheet
The tutorial

You Tube Channel : Tuteate


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