My custom embroidery board

As you may know, hen I create sewing or embroidery accessories for me, I don’t half the work, because I like to use beautiful things to make beautiful things.
For any creative project, it’s essential to stay organized to not forget anything and to make a project as faithful as possible both in aesthetic than in quality.
It exists an accessory called “embroidery board” which is on the other hand essential for gold embroidery and art embroidery! It not only permits to keep the elements you need together such as beads, cannetilles, jaserons, thread bobbins and needles, but also to move these elements without splitting and falling.
Generally, it’s covered with velvet, but for aesthetic reasons to recall my brand colors (black and gold), I put some black velvet underneath and a gold silk taffeta above which texture clearly fulfill the same function.
The braid gimp sewn around permits to the elements not to flee… The black satin rose with a gold obsidian surrounded by golden beads in its heart as well as the gold tube beads give a jewelry touch to the board.
Here is my great board, a quick hello to the boards created by the famous Maison Lesage which I am admirer… 😉

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