National Crafts Week 2018

National Crafts Week

On the occasion of the National Crafts Week aiming at promoting the work of craftsmen and to discover all that the Crafts and Artisans Chamber make for them, I posted on my facebook page each day from the 16th to the 23th of March 2018 a photo of my current work that you can see here.

Day 1 –  Cutting lace for a design of my future collection.

cutting lace

Day 2 – Creating a pink and purple rose for a necklace.

silk rose making

Day 3 – Sewing marquise facetted beads.

Sewing marquise facetted beads.

Day 4 – Assembling with my sewing machine and by hand tulle and lace for a master piece of the collection to come.


Day 5 – Pretty cherry tree flowers with purple shades.

Pretty cherry tree flowers with purple shades.

Day 6 – Amethyst and rose quartz flower for a lace necklace.

amethyst flower

Day 7 -Pining laces before sewing them by hand.

black lace

Day 8 – Sterling silver skull head and black facetted beads.

skull and beads