Official National Directory of Art Professions – INMA

annuaire officiel des métiers d'art de france

Now that I have my quality “Artisan d’Art” (art craftswoman), I am as a consequence officially registered in the official national directory of art professions called INMA in French (Institut National des Métiers d’Art).
As I am multidisciplinary, I am registered as a corset maker, fashion accessories designer, flower maker and flower adornment maker.
What a great reward for my work!

What is INMA?
This is an association of public utility and of general interest founded in 1889 formerly called Society of encouragement to Arts and industry then SEMA (Society of encouragement of art Craftsmenship) in 1905.
Its mission is to sustain ancient crafts, an incredible variety of savoir-faire with at the same time traditional techniques adding new technologies to support heritage conservation, creation and innovation.
Its aim is to give appreciation to professionals of these fields who are men and women of passion who create, restore and imagine exceptional pieces between beauty and utility.

Art and profession are inseparable for the INMA because we have to be instructed about assets from the past to create the ones of tomorrow.
What is a fine art profession?
It’s a profession which requires complex savoir-faire, the making of unique pieces or very limited editions with an artistic twist, mastered by the professional who practice it, the mastering of gesture and techniques permitting to work with material and needing an artistic intake.
These professions embody strong universal timeless values such as making and creativity, authenticity, bespoke, etc…
A list of 217 professions spread in 19 fields has been established. A specific field is created inside the profession directory. They contribute to the international renown of our country.