New collection « Résonance » out now!

New collection « Résonance »

It’s is today that I have the pleasure to launch the new collection “Résonance”, endeavor of the collaboration between Manuela Biocca designs and Alchemy Gothic jewelry and accessories, worldwide leader of the alternative jewelry field.

Once more, steampunk, dandy and black romanticism worlds guided my inspiration. This dark collection with modern lines, with asymmetrical shapes and adornments placements is enhanced with touches of light provided by Alchemy jewelry and accessories, made from high quality pewter and Swarovski crystals that become inevitable in the luxury and fashion fields.

Why I called it “Resonance”? I thought about the resonance phenomenon that is an increase of a vibration’s amplitude, of an energy. It’s the energy that I consecrate to this huge creative and professional adventure from many years that permits me to give birth to my inspirations, to bring me new ideas while experiencing new techniques.

Each new project is an artistic research for me. My attention to details, to quality and the research of new textures led me in this way to the art of hand making flowers thanks to traditional tools shaping leather, dupioni silk and silk satin to create relief flowers and leaves.

It is composed of a set of 14 designs. I invite you to discover all the details and pictures of it HERE.

Military inspired jacket “Paradoxe”
Wrap-around skirt “Eternité” (Eternity)
Short bustier “Coeur Sacré “(Sacred Heart)
Corseted belt “Portes du Destin” (Gates of Destiny)                               
Clutch Bag “Absinthe – La Fée Verte”
Collar Necklace “Anachronisme” and its matching cuff-bracelet
Collar Necklace “Etrange Jardin” and its matching cuff-bracelet (Strange Garden)
Crown of Roses Headband “Roses Ténébreuses” (Dark Roses)
Crown of Roses Headband “Beauté Fatale” (Fatal Beauty)
Bracelet cuff “Rose Etoilée” (Starry Rose)
Skater skirt “Sortilège” (Spell)
Hat fascinator “Magie Noire” (Black Magic)

Watch the film directed by Sylvain Renault symbolizing the encounter of our 2 brands.

A BIG thank you
to all the persons who helped me to photograpgh and film this project. Witout forgetting their cheerfulness and good advices: Fabienne Ceccagnoli Giombini (hairstylist, MUA), Céline (model, actress), Benoît and Christelle (assistants, unstinting friends), Alexandre Chailan (video camera Red, camera assistant) and my dear husband (photographer, director) Sylvain Renault.

To complete this collection, I have exclusively created a case that shelters in its black velvet the sketch book of the collection with a compartment containing “magic” vials worthy of the greater alchemist. A little art work between fashion collection, artefact and ancient manuscript/book of shadows from which I will show you some photos soon.