New floral adornments are available in the shop!

New floral adornments are available in the shop!
These delicate and refined flowers are handmade and numerous steps are needed to make them (stiffening the silk fabrics, cutting, tint, meticulous assembly). I put at your disposal my excellence know-how to propose these flower adornment designs, a rare ancestral art.
If you want to order me a special flower or color, don’t hesitate to contact me by email or ( or par phone (+33(0)4 93 30 02 82).

Tiara of Orchids Impériale, tiara made from pink silk orchids

Crown of Jasmin Flowers Orient, made from purple, light purple and white jasmin flowers

Silver ring Ume – Pink, adorned with a pink Japanese apricot tree flower

Silver ring Ume – Green, adorned with a green Japanese apricot tree flower


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