One more string to my bow

One more string to my bow – Flower making art

As you probably may know, each new project is for me a fully-fledge artistic research where I always try to push farther quality and originality to surprise people who like my work.

When I was preparing the collection Résonance, I wanted to propose a very haute couture necklace and bracelet. I thought about using flowers (yes, I know, flowers are a bit my obsession) but I also wanted to give texture, volume to my designs.

But to reach the result I was hoping for, I accepted the challenge to launch into the flower making art…Yes, It’s true, I like to experiment new techniques, to push farther my handcrafted work inspired by haute couture. So that I got flower making tools, some old (dies and molds) and more recent millinery flowers mold (molds and other tools used to mold petals-leaves at Guy Morse Hat Blocks). I wanted to keep using natural materials so that I chose leather and my predilection fabric, silk.

I get hooked so much so that I made much more designs than planed.

Here are some of my wonderful tools!

flower making tools

flower making tools
The creations of the collection Résonance adorned with handcrafted flowers:

Necklace Etrange Jardin
Bracelet Etrange Jardin
Headband crown Roses Ténébreuses
Headband crown Roses Beauté Fatale
Bracelet Rose Etoilée
Hat fascinator Magie Noire

Soon, I will make a video on flower making art…

flower making art

flower making art