Professional B2B meetings – Torino Fashion Match

Banière fashion week

After the great waves of feelings following the catwalk show of the previous night, my journey into the fashion world continues with the professional meetings Torino Fashion Match organized by the Unioncamere Piemonte, the chamber of commerce of Turin in partnership with the EEN (Enterprise Europe Network) supported by the EEN textile-fashion and industries group, permitting to designers, stylists, agents, producers, distributors to meet, to show their work, to create partnerships, to develop commercial opportunities.

These meetings took place at the baroque style Palazzo Birago di Borgaro that has been constructed by the count Augusto Renato Birago di Borgaro who has lived there during the 1st part of the 18th century. This beautiful palace is now the head office of highest levels of the chamber of commerce, handicraft, industry and agriculture of Turin. It’s an ideal environment for me to show my designs isn’t it?
I even worn my silk rose brooch.










It’s been a long day but a rich day (you can see it on some pictures) during which I have met interesting and passionate designers, fashion field players, as well as fabric manufacturing firms.

They even talked about it on the Rete 7 local Channel!

I particularly would like to thank from my heart the Unioncamere Piemonte, the chamber of commerce of Turin and the EEN who invited me to this Fashion Match meetings and who permitted me to showcase my work in this Fashion Week #1.
Many thanks Federica Leonetti, Diego Albesano, Patricia Martinez for your organization, your support, your professionalism, your availability and your kindness all along this Fashion Week #1.

Let’s meet next year with great pleasure to reiterate this incredible experience with you.










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