Report 2 – 10 handmade roses

silk flowers
It’s now already 1 year that I started the adventure of artificial flower making.
I have made 10 roses that I have cut, painted and assembled by hand.

Here is a report of what I learned since my 1st report (5 roses):

I already knew about the assembly techniques of the parts that form a flower (stems made with a spiral ribbon and smooth stems, assembly of flower-leaves branches together) but I refined my technique for the branches of leaves.
My petals placement is more precise in order to look like the flower to make as accurately of possible.
My choice of tools is better to shape more complicated flowers than the others already made.
I update my notebook regularly in order for me to find again the specific information to make these flowers (colors, shapes, tools used, number of elements).

Here is a video staging my new flowers.

Video and editing: Sylvain Renault
Music: (John Harrison, Antonio Vivaldi, Violin concerto in G minor , RVB15, Summer-1 Allegro)