Report – 5 roses made

silk flowers

It’s now already 4 months that I started the adventure of artificial flower making.

Here is a report of what I knew…

Making my own cushion to mold the petals
Stiffening my fabric
To cut the petals and leaves thanks to a pattern
To use antique molds, to mold thanks to ball tools and other tools, to mold thank to tweezers
To make roses hearts
To assemble roses and leaves branches
To strengthen petals and leaves
To make brooches, headbands, hairdresses, hair slides, jewelry

And of what I learnt…

To paint silk petals and leaves (choice of paints and their association) giving them shades and necessary retouches
To know how to use the different tools of my iron giving it the right pressure
To refine the assembly techniques of the parts that form a flower (stems made with a spiral ribbon and smooth stems, assembly of flower-leaves branches together)
To make my own roses stamens
To use the right materials and glues according to the work to do

I have made 5 roses (5 painted roses).
Here is a video staging them.

Video and editing: Sylvain Renault
Music: (John Harrison, Antonio Vivaldi, Violin concerto in G minor , RVB15, Summer-1 Allegro)