Return from the TFW 2016



I am back from my expedition to Torino for the Fashion Week and for the Professional meetings Fashion Match (June 27th – July 3th), 7 days of catwalk shows (more than 50 designers), workshops, conferences, events and parties.
I certainly came back tired, but happy! So that I will speak about the various events I participated, show you photos and videos as well in my following blog posts.

Before the fashion Week, a series of events, exhibitions and conferences took place at the Circolo del Design (Points of View). It’s a place to meet, to exchange about national and international subjects concerning design and fashion.


Each designers participating to the Fashion Match meetings had the opportunity to exhibit there a creation from his choice from the 22th of June to the 3rd of July. So the 1st day I arrived, I gone there to see my silk crown of roses “Beauté Fatale” together with other Italian, European and international designers’ pieces.






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