Ribbon embroidery headband

I really loved starting learning ribbon embroidery during my workshop in Seillans with Patou From Patou et des Poussières so that I wanted to make a custom accessory.
I chose to make a headband made from black dupioni silk with roses with purple, pink, blu and olive-green colors, hand painted silk ribbons that I have bought to her.

I started by making my headband pattern and drawn the upcoming embroideries according to my space. I slightly modified the pattern on the way by adding small roses or moving leaves.

I used the stitches that I learnt with Patou:
Big roses: star rose stitch
Small roses: star rose pleated stitch
Flowers with round petals: loop stitch
Flowers with long petals: ribbon stitch
Stems of the flowers with a silk cordonnet: stem stitch
Leaves of the flowers with a silk cordonnet: loop stitch
Ribbon leaves: ribbon loop stitch

I feel like I wanted to learn more about this subject with this book written by Yukiko Ogura, “Ribbon Embroidery Flowers” which seems to be adapted to beginners and advanced people.




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