Searching for information

When I was searching some information about learning about flower making art, I noticed that resources in French are nonexistent. It’s rather surprising as artificial flower making is a prized art in haute couture and that there were in France many renowned workshops, among which remain maison Legeron (1727), Artamin (exists for more than 100 years), Lemarié (1880), Guillet (1896).

There are nethertheless newly designers such as Séverina Lartigue (flower maker for already 17 years now).

flower making art books

Most of the books that I found are in Japanese or in Russian. Information on the net are rather in Russian. Russian makers often propose lessons-workshops in their language. I discovered that flower making in these countries is considered as a full art.

My search led me to one of the most famous Japanese flower artist Sayoko Yasuda, a master on the subject who gives courses to worldwide artists. I went in search for her books and chose 3 of them. Sayoko kindly offered me some post cards with photos of her work as well as 2 kits to make 2 flowers (a rose and a lily-of-the-valley sprig).
Many thannnks!
These kits have all the parts to make these flowers. They are already painted and you just need to shape and assemble them.

flower making art gifts

I also bought 3 other Japanese books about roses making, various flowers and orchids in order for me to make different designs.

flower making art books

These books show the supplies needed to make your own flowers: fabric, paintings, stems, brushes…, the patterns of the flowers proposed, photos of the steps to follow to paint petals and leaves, photos of the molding of petals and leaves and their assembly.

Small note: these books are very well made. The language barrier is not a big problem but some information may surely escape to us.
I must admit that having some basics about flower making art helped me a lot to understand the photos because I knew about the tools, their use and how to mount some of the flowers.

I just have to buy missing supplies and to start!