Silk orchid

It’s September so that I start crafting again my flowers and try to improve by making new kind of flowers.

Today, I address to a flower which I love, orchids.
I have a special book about orchids making (the book of the middle) and I think there are some more inside the books of Sayoko Yasuda. Well, I have work to do.

This is a flower that seems not so much complicated at 1st glance compared to the other flowers I have made with endless petals. But it’s a mistake I assure you… And yet I start with a rather “classic” orchids (because there are many sorts of it with very detailed paintings to do).
What is difficult to make is the particular cutting of this flower and its very little elements, its detailed painting, the shaping of its closed buds.  The manipulation of its very little elements is not easy and the use of a pliers is very useful in this case. There are also many supports to delicately add to the petals and to paint to melt with their color.

So here is my very 1st orchid and this is surely not the last one!

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