Sometimes, you have to go to the source of a knowledge…

Here I came back from Lunéville (north of France) where I have been to follow two beads and sequins embroidery workshops / beaded embroidery, which technique’s aim is to embroider on a stretched fabric over a loom beads and sequins thanks to the famous Lunéville hook, technique that is very used for haute couture embroidery.
Being a fervent admirer of art crafts linked to high end houses, this was on my mind for a long time and now I jump ahead.
The embroidery school of Lunéville has been created in 1999 and the courses are given by Aude Rémy, leader of the Lunéville Embroidery Academy and training supervisor, inside the Castel , the Small Lorraine Versailles. What a great place to be!
There is also a shop to by materials and an exhibition space where I have seen a collection of evening bags completely embroidered, haute couture dresses and veils embroidered with the Lunéville stitch (embroidery on a white or ivory cotton tulle and adornment stitches).

A bit of culture now…
Even if the Lunéville embroidery goes back to the 19th century, it reaches its peak thanks to the Dukes of Lorraine in the city from the 19th century and thanks to the women trinkets started by the Queen Joséphine.
The needle is replaced by the famous Lunéville hook, and then at the end of the 19th century with the use of beads, it knows a great success thanks to Art Nouveau and the Roaring Twenties.

The technique of the Lunéville stitch after fallen a bit into neglect has been relaunched by the embroidery conservatoire, at the initiative of Maryvonne François-Remy, president and founder of the conservatoire, and promote also its related technique, the beaded embroidery. It is an ancestral knowledge, high value of the artistic and cultural patrimony of Lorraine!

Here are the two designs that I have embroidered with Aude. Maybe you didn‘t know but the beaded and sequined embroidery is embroidered upside down. That’s to say I see the wrong side of the fabric and my right side of the design is underneath. That’s why it is said that the embroiderers have eyes at the end of their fingers.
Embroidery designs created by Aude Remy, Art Embroiderer (copyright). Thanks to not copy it.

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