Tadaaa ! 1st rose finished


Here is the final result of my 1st hand painted silk rose!
I must admit that I am proud of it because the result is good for a 1st time.

I didn’t have particular difficulties concerning the cutting, the painting or the assembly.
I would say that the most difficult part was to use the irons with the tools because you have to think about regulating the heat thanks to the power control (or by taking it of the plug for those who doesn’t have a power control) in order to not burn your fabric.
Note : you can turn off your iron because the ending tool remains hot for a moment (more or less longer according to the tools)..

Moreover, the whole part just above the end part is really hot (the extension of the foot and the metallic part of the iron). It is so easy to burn your fingers, which happened to me of course, but just a bit (war wounds!).

I was saying when I bought them, the great advantage to have 2 irons (at least) is that I could have used for the small petals the iron with the ball and the other with a smooth paw tool. I changed then the tools for the larger petals (with a bigger ball and smooth paw tool).
It permitted me to work on the small petals and on the bigger ones in a single operation, then the calix.

I have made the leaves lastly with a paw with grooves (leaves’ veins) to give this particular shape to the leaves well-known from Japanese and Russian flower artists.

I think to make the same one a second time but with darker colors. I will show you the result and will tell you if I tamed my irons.










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