Tender rose


After having made a small break to make my two brooches, I immerse myself again into the book of roses by Sayoko Yasuda. I decided to make this rose between pale pink and old pink colors. I like its closed petals in the center and its soft and romantic color.

Did you know that the color pink is the color of love and happiness? As the saying goes, “to see life in pink”? This color evokes tenderness, softness, delicacy, healing and delight.

This time, I really want to succeed my petals placement as on the photo.

I used for the petals grey and maroon for the base, a touch of yellow vanilla, pink of course enhanced with red garnet at the top edge of the petals.
For the leaves, olive green, aubergine purple with a touch of pink or red garnet.

Here we go for the preparation…








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