Art Craftswoman

Fashion accessories designer – Flower adornments maker

The designs of Manuela Biocca are part of the alternative fashion trends (gothic, Victorian, steampunk, romantic) to better provide to contemporary fashion an atypical elegance touch while at the same time remaining feminine and sophisticated. It’s among a classic wardrobe that they will reveal all their splendor, their charm and thus will enhance the personality of every woman.

Manuela Biocca created first of all accessories and skirts for herself but this passion quickly became consuming. That’s in 2009 that she decided to realize her dream and jumped into the great adventure of fashion by creating her own brand.

Manuela finds the inspiration of her collections into past fashions, art, gothic literature, rock music, cabinets of curiosities, baroque, legends and mysteries.
The essence of the brand lies into the soft mixture of textures, contrasts and displays of light
: luxury fabrics, lace, handmade silk flowers, jewelry and gemstones are the privileged materials of these designs and chosen with great care.

The designer makes a point of honor to propose only unique or very limited editions handcrafted thanks to her technical skills. The attention brought to details, quality, the search for excellence and creativity are her master words. She desires to present exclusive fashion accessories and gives with each design a numbered certificate of authenticity as for pieces of art. Because it is precisely authenticity that characterizes the creative process of Manuela Biocca, a real person that desires to bring a story behind each design, a perception, a feeling, the gift of a very personal craftsmanship and imagination : designs between work of art, fashion and mystery. This boutique is for her a real mean of artistic expression faithful to her inspirations and her quality ideals.

Over the years, she refined her techniques in corsetry, sewing, fashion accessories manufacturing and never stop to whet her creativity by learning the bobbin lace technique, the haute couture embroidery of Lunéville, silk flower making art completely handmade thanks to traditional tools.

The art of making artificial flowers and of making flower adornments is a rare savoir-faire which detailed process is more than a creative technique but an intriguing, emotional, complex and artistic process above all in which your creativity can express. Each flower maker has its own feeling, its own techniques and you can notice this in their flowers and foliages.
The artificial flower making art is intended to fashion for their Haute Couture outfits and flower adornements (jewelry, fashion accessories, hat adornements, etc…) as well as to home decor, shows, event planners.

If you want her to make a custom order, made to measure, she will put at your service all her savoir-faire and advice to finalize your project if you are a private individual, a firm, or a high end fashion house. She will make for you your own personalized design.

Experience the charming, mysterious, feminine and always unconventional world of Manuela Biocca!