The Shanghai French Week 2019 with MBC

La Felle

I am pleased to inform you that La Felle, my luxury retailer for Chinese customers, will participate to the “French week of Shanghai” from the 14th to the 20th of October 2019 and will propose designs for sale created by Manuela Biocca Creations!

I remind you who my dealer is: La Felle is a platform for the sale of French designers. It is the a direct intermediary between their partners’ workshops in France and their customers in China by proposing to reach beauty and quality of French products, which authenticity and know-how form our country’s reputation (tableware art, home decoration, fashion, fantasy).

Shanghai French Week

Since 2002, the ” Shanghai French Week” is the annual meeting of Chinese amateurs of France and major French brands. The 18th edition will be held in the heart of Shanghai’s commercial city center which is one of the busiest places in the city. A showcase of choice for consumer products and the Art de Vivre à la française, each edition welcomes nearly 300,000 visitors and enjoys wide media coverage: 132 TV shows, 191 radio broadcasts, 218 articles and 308 websites. It’s a unique place of promotion for the made in France which makes it possible to present French products in China.

This is an incredible opportunity for me to make known the quality and originality of my creations to a large number of new potential customers. In comparison, the Made In France 2018 show in Paris, which was the major event for the development of French products last year, attracted 69,000 visitors in 3 days, that of the French week of Shanghai has attracted 4.3 times more!

A TV screen will be set up to show the richness of French culture and heritage, a presentation of La Felle and as well as my commercial interspersed with photos of my designs.