Tutorial woolly pompom

I am going to explain here how I made the pompom that I added to my woolly hat made with round looms.

Material needed:

  • Wool
  • Semi-rigid cardboard
  • Pen
  • Compasses
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


I didn’t want a too small pompom measuring 7cm wide for my woolly hat that is rather big. So that I drew 2 circles of 10 cm on a cardboard with a 3 cm round inside. The difference between 10 and 3 is 7 (the size of the pompom).


To do so, take compasses opened at 5 cm and draw your outside circle border.
Then with the compasses opened at 1.5 cm with the point of the compasses at the same place, draw the central circle.
Cut around the border of the 2 circles and hollow out the central one with your scissors.


You will need approximately 4 m of wool for a thick pompom. If you lack wool along the way, just add some by making a knot (you will cut it if it is visible on the pompom)
Make a ball with it.


Superimpose your cardboards. Make a knot with the end of your wool around the cardboards and get your ball of wool around them by the center moving closer each turn of wool.

Do that all around the circle once or twice (according to the pompom thickness you want) and finish by making a knot for the wool rounds not to dismantle.





Prepare a piece of wool of approximately 25 cm.
With you scissors, while securing you wool with you hand, cut the wool between the two cardboards. Then put around and between these two cardboards your piece of wool carefully and make a double tight knot, and 2 more for security. Don’t cut your wool cord.



Torn carefully your two cardboards where you want (from the outside to the inside) and remove them.


Model your pompom to give it a beautiful shape with your hands.
Equalize the pompom if needed. Sew it on the top of the hat with the remaining wool cord and cut the pieces left over at the level of the pompom edge.

Here it is! The woolly beanie hat is now well adorned with a funny and girly pompom.




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