Vintage Rose – Result

Here are the photos of my 10th silk rose and my comments about the tests made on this flower.

The thinner stamens that I used give a more refined result on this opulent rose.
I like the red – burgundy in the center and the pale pink around. This is the effect I wanted to give to this rose.
The choice to put thicker flower wires for the leaves permit to give them a better support as desired. I was afraid that they would be too visible but they are discreet.
I used my usual tool to shape the big leaves. But I used a new thinner tool for the smaller ones that I received not long ago. It gives a very beautiful effect. I think that I will repeat this experiment in the future to vary the textures.

What do you think?





To close this cycle of 10 roses, I will post soon a video of the 5 last roses that I have made, as well as I done it for the first 5 and will write the list of my progresses concerning silk flower making art.
Then, I will make a pause and will create a composition. I don’t know yet if I make a crown or a bunch…

What would you like m to choose?

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