Visiting Nancy

Pursuit of my Lorraine tourism with the famous Stanislas square where are the Beaux-Arts museum, the Opera and the Café Foy.

The parc de la Pépinière where there is a beautiful octogonal kiosk topped with a skylight made from iron and cast iron, the statue of Claude Gellée called le Lorrain (from Lorraine) made by Auguste Rodin in 1892, a rose garden (which was not in blossom with this cold November) and a portico from the 18th century from the former Louis Guingot’s property, painter who invented the military camouflage pattern in 1914.

Then, I had a walk into the old city, visited the Beaux-Arts museum and had a warming cup of tea in the café Foy, luxurious brasserie proposing traditional and refined meals.


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