You will find in this section a questions and answers set that will help you to know better the handmade unique pieces and limited editions luxury designs created by the gothic and romantic fashion designer Manuela Biocca.

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I love the designs created by Manuela Biocca. But I don't know when or with which clothes I can wear them.

In fact, don't hesitate to wear them when you like to with a suit, a dress, trousers and a shirt, with blue-jeans, as well as with an evening dress or a smarter dress.
You don't need to wear them for a special occasion or to dress "gothic". It is the message I would like to get over: you can enhance the way you dress with sophisticated accessories and make it more glamorous with small original touches.
Just dare! Because burlesque and gothic wear is fashionable!

I am afraid that the one-size of the head jewels or of the Victorian jewels will not fit.

The Victorian jewels I offer have been made bearing in mind the satisfaction of our customers; hence they were made in order to fit all.
All our Victorian jewels are fastened with satin ribbons or adjustable chains.

Are the stones on your products real stones (semi-precious stones)?

Yes, indeed. The stones on the creations are real gemstones! They are meticulously chosen to create exceptional pieces and to bring well-being. It is the reason why the main properties of those stones are reminded.

How to take care of my lace-fabric jewelry and headbands?

To protect your jewelry and headbands, the better to do is to put them in their box when you don’t wear them. This will permit to protect them from dust and oxidation for metallic parts. If you need to wash them after using them several times, you may wash them gently with a little bit of soap and water, to squeeze them with a towel to remove the surplus of water, and then to put them flat in the open air.
Metallic parts can easily be cleaned with a soft special silver cloth and will make them shine like new.

How to take care of the metallic parts of the designs?

Metallic parts are silver or silver plated (check the product's descriptions). They can easily be cleaned with a special silver cloth whether it is silver or silver plated. It will permit to clean the metallic parts that oxidized with time and to make them shine like new.

How are packed the designs?

Shop boxes


On each product sheet, the type of wrapping in which you will receive your design is mentioned at the end of the description. When nothing is specified, it means that it is wrapped in silk paper. Its certificate of authenticity comes with it (mentioning its name, the quantity that is made and its number).

Hats and fascinators are wrapped in silk paper and delivered in a hat box.
Victorian jewelry and hand jewelry, hair accessories are wrapped in silk paper and delivered in a black jewelry box (unless otherwise mentioned).
Purses and bags, skirts and crinolines, belts and cloaks, spats and garters are wrapped in silk paper.

Underbust corsets are delivered in their matching pouch (made from the same fabric) and wrapped in silk paper. Concerning the “white-wedding” collection (and the following corset collections), they will be wrapped in silk paper and delivered in a shiny black box with a magnetic clasp.

Each package is then wrapped in tissue paper that permits to protect from impacts, handling and humidity during the shipping in order for you to receive it in mint condition.

I would like to make a personalized order. Is it possible?

It is possible to require my services to make a custom order. I will put all my savoir-faire and advice to your services to achieve your project.
You just have to contact me either by email or by telephone to point out what you want as accurately as possible. We will refine your choices together to satisfy your expectations and I will set a precise quotation.

What is the delay in the reception of my articles?

If the product you choose is in stock, the packing and the shipping will take 2 days.
Otherwise, the production period takes 15 days (except for Victorian jewels, hair accessories, hand jewels that require a production period of one week).
This period is extended to 30 days for the production of several items (and extended to 15 days for Victorian jewels, hair accessories and hand jewels). Then, the delivery time provided by the Postal Service has to be added.

I am afraid to make an order through the internet. I am afraid that it is not a secure way of payment.

The website is secured by a cryptographic system that appears by a locket or a key at the bottom of the window. You may also see in your address bar of your browser an S after HTTP (HTTPS) that is the S of security.
So you may safely proceed with your order.

How can I be sure that my order has been confirmed? (orders progress)

At the moment of your order checkout, you will need to create an account on by entering your personal details.
After submitting your order you will receive several emails confirming your order and informing you of its progress: the first will confirm your order as well as a tracking number. This tracking number allows you to track your package via the service La Poste :
The payment will be made to Biocca Manuela, the designer.

Beware: should you not see these emails in your inbox, check they are not in the Junk section of your email account.

When your package is delivered, another email will be sent stating that the order is completed.

What is the loyalty program proposed by the shop Manuela Biocca Designs?

From 2015, Manuela Biocca has created the following loyalty program to reward its loyal customers: each 10 € spent correspond to 1 point. Each point permits to have a 0.40 € discount. These points are valid for 365 days and can be spent for a minimum order of 100 €.

My credit card is declined. I have a payment problem. What should I do?

As soon as you notice the problem, contact me by email or by phone in order for me to help you and to receive your order as soon as possible.

Return Policy and procedure

You can return a creation according to the statutory 14 days cancellation period.
This cancellation period and the return of the designs is not applicable for custom orders, corsets – underbust corsets – corset belts that are designs that are made to order, to the specific waist size of the client and handmade.
The cancellation period and the return of the designs remains nevertheless possible for designs that are unique pieces, one size designs such as jewelry, bags and accessories, hats, bracelets, hair accessories, spats and garters, cloaks and one size belts.
In this case, please contact us before making any return providing your contact details, your invoice by email ( Please wait for our contact before any return.

Ordered items must be returned via priority signed for and insured air mail, unworn, unwashed, in their original packaging without any defects of mishandling and without stains to: Manuela Biocca, 4 Rue Milton, Le Soleil d'Or, 06400 Cannes, France.

Items will be carefully checked before any refund. Manuela Biocca’s fashion designs are artisanal luxury products in unique and limited edition designs, requiring a perfect condition of return. However, if the creations do not return in our premises in their original condition, no refund will be done.
Refund includes the price of the goods but not the shipping return costs.
If it is an error on our part and that you received the wrong items, follow the same return procedure and we will send you back the designs you ordered.

Free shipping: 

Shipping for France or abroad are made by priority signed for and insured air mail that guarantee the good receiving of the fashion designs.

The shipping costs are offered for France, Monaco and Andorra.
For other countries than those mentioned above, fees are calculated according to the total weight of the package by the current postal rates.

French manufacturing: 

My designs are French luxurious women’s fashion accessories made in unique items and limited edition designs. These fashion designs are completely handmade with great care. The choice of materials is done carefully and the designs are made in France by the designer herself to your utmost satisfaction. The French woman’s charm!

Each design comes with a certificate of authenticity mentioning its name, the quantity of this design that is manufactured and its number.

Photo certificate and labels


I thank you for choosing her fashion designs to be always more beautiful and feminine. It is implemented for each design all the knowledge and attention to details so that you enjoy your journey in her world of luxury and mystery.
However If you do not feel fully satisfied, please contact me so that we can find a solution together serenely and with a smile.

Biocca Manuela, 4 rue Milton, Le Soleil d’Or, 06400 Cannes, France
+33 (0)4 93 30 02 82 (from 10am to 7pm Monday to Friday)

If you have any question that is not mentioned above, feel free to contact me directly to this email or thanks to the request form in the contact section at the top of the window.