Underbust Corset Clair Obscur

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Limited EditionBlack dupioni silk underbust corset with golden silk roses, black lace leaves and black onyx beads.










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The underbust CORSET Clair Obscur (Twilight) embodies the BAROQUE CHARM by melting its black DUPIONI SILK and its golden DUPIONI SILK ROSES. Between mystery and nobility, between shadow and light, it is at once the association of luxury and of the retro elegance.

Its SILK roses carry in their center black ONYX beads and are surrounded by LACE LEAVES. Its central golden silk rose has an onyx bead in its heart and a black satiny tassel.

This model is a LIMITED EDITION TO 5 COPIES only and exclusively made-to-order.
Delivered in a luxury black shiny box.
Front busk closure.
Black satin lining.
Underbusk and modesty panel integrated at the back.

Handmade in France.

Did you know? 

ONYX is considered as a grounding stone, giving strength, vigor, vitality. It should give self-assurance and ease grieves and sorrows from the past.

Which underbust corset size should I choose?

When you have to select the size of your underbust corset in the corset size chart of your underbust , the waist-measurement mentionned is related to your natural waist-measurement (that is to say the waist line, where your waist is the thinnest).

You have first to measure your waist where your waist line is the thinnest, that is to say 2/4 cm above your navel with a soft measuring tape but not too tight (the tape has to be stuck on the skin). Then, you have to check the size chart of the underbust that interests you.
If you are between 2 sizes, I advice to choose the smallest one.

Our corsets have a waist reduction of about 5 cm. If you want to obtain a higher waist reduction, you can choose a size Under yours. According to the waist measurement you will choose, the underbust corset will remain open at the back.
If your corset has a modesty panel, your skin or clothes will be hidden behind it.

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact me by email (contact@manuelabiocca.com) or by phone (+33(0)4 93 30 02 82), I will help you to choose the better size for your body shape.


Measure your waist



Dear customer,
I invite you to choose your underbust corset size in this size chart.
If you need advices to make your choice, feel free to contact me by email (contact@manuelabiocca.com) or phone : +33 (0)4 93 30 02 82. I will be happy to help you.

 Waistline24.5 in
 Waistline25.5 in
 Waistline27 in
 Waistline28.5 in
 Waistline30 in
 Waistline32 in
 Waistline34 in
 Waistline36 in
 Waistline38 in
 Waistline40 in

Do the underbust corsets have a lining?

In fact, all the underbust corsets have a lining.
The main fabric as well as the lining are reinforced in order to resist to the body pressure. Eyelets are set with a professional machine that permits not to rip the fabric. The place where they are set is also reinforced to resist to the underbust corset tightening.

How to wear my underbust corset?

If you wear an underbust with a front eyelet lacing, you just have to loosen the back lacing (above and down the double lacing loop in the middle of the back) and to unlace the front lacing. Gradually lace and tighten until the complete front lacing closure. Then adjust at the end the back lacing (double loops in the middle of the back corset) until the required tightening is obtained.
You don’t need to tighten your underbust corset to the maximum to obtain a waist reduction. You may wear it more comfortably near the body.
To take it off, unlace only the back lacing and then the front lacing completely. 

If you wear an underbust with a front busk opening, you need to enlarge the back lacing of the underbust corset, then close the front busk, then tighten again the back lacing until the required tightening is obtained. To take it off, loosen the back lacing and open the busk.

I see in your corset selection that you propose only underbust corsets.

In fact, it’s a choice from the designer to propose that kind of corsets. Overbust corsets are more dedicated to special occasions.
Its shorter shape is more comfortable and easier to wear so that underbust corsets may be worn for any occasion and are more adapted to modern life. They may be worn with every clothes for any occasion: parties, cocktails, going out with friends or simply for everyday. Because the designer desires to offer original designs that may be worn with a classic wardrobe and with all the fashion trends.

How your corsets are made? Which fabric and material do you use?

Our underbust corsets are made with the expertise and construction techniques that are necessary to make a quality corset that you will keep for long.

Our corsets are composed by 3 layers of fabric. They are composed by a fashion fabric (satin, silk, cotton, lace, taffetas or another fabric specified in the description of the designs) that is reinforced in order to keep its strength and stability in time. The second layer called coutil is the strength layer. It is a cotton fabric with a special weft that permits your corset to be strong and to resist to body pressure. Then comes the lining that is generally made from satin (or another fabric specified on the product sheet of each design). The lining is also reinforced, always to care about a strong and long-lasting corset.

In order for your corset to fulfill its support and body shape function, corsets have metal boning and a metal busk. I use quality flat and spiral boning. Generally, flat boning is placed on the front of the corset to support the tummy because they stay straight and spiral boning is intended to curved body parts.
On the modesty panel (part that is placed under the back lacing) is held in place thanks to re-enforced plastic boning that are strong and comfortable to keep it in place, to permit not to wrinkle and to follow the curve of your back.

Concerning the corset belts, they are boned belts that are placed between the waist and the bust on the rib cage. They are composed of re-enforced plastic boning because there is no waist reduction needed like for corsets. This type of boning allows to keep its shape and are comfortable. They are made like corsets (fabric and lining reinforced for their strength), but as there is no pressure, they needn't a coutil layer.

Metal eyelets are nickel free and set with a professional press machine.