Portrait Manuela Biocca

Manuela’s Art

After having created fashion accessories and silk flowers for 12 years, creations in unique pieces and limited editions, as part of the current of alternative fashion, Manuela now puts her craftsmanship, her attention to details, its desire for quality, its search for excellence and creativity in the service of Art.

Manuela is an artist who uses a variety of techniques to create unique and original works. Indeed, she now devotes herself to the creation of artistic designs thanks to the different techniques she used in fashion: embroidery, mainly the Lunéville crochet technique, with the use of old beads and rockery, the use of lace, handmade artificial silk flowers, leaf gilding technique, which she uses in an innovative way to tell stories and express her emotions.

She uses these luxurious materials to create textures and depth in her creations, luminosity and sparkle, contrasts to add dimension to her works.

As an artist, Manuela is passionate about exploring new techniques and materials, and she always enjoys looking for new ways to tell stories and convey emotions through her art. Her creations are a real inspiration for all those who appreciate beauty and creativity.

By using these techniques in an innovative way, she manages to create works that are both aesthetically pleasing and deeply emotional.

She draws her inspiration from old fashions, art, gothic literature, rock, cabinets of curiosities, baroque, legends and mysteries, crafts, stained glass, gothic art.

Her works were exhibited in Cannes, Monaco, Seillans and were highly appreciated by critics and art lovers.

Immerse yourself in his new artistic, creative, and always unconventional universe!

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