Arts craftsmen fair in Colomars

craftsmen exhibition

I will be present at the art craftsmen fair organized by the city of Colomars on Sunday, April 28 from 10am to 5pm, on the site of Fort Casal in the Bèque room where I will present to the visitors my work as flower maker.  

In parallel with the fair, there will be the inauguration of a school-building site that allows students in the field of building and restoration to carry out repairs and embellishments on the church of La Madone at 10:00 am, place de the Madonna, in the presence of Isabelle Brès, Mayor of Colomars, 2nd Vice President of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis, Jean-Pierre Galvez, President of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts and Philippe Joannes, President of MOF 06 (Best Workers of France).

Come to see us!

In exclusivity, I will present new creations: brooches with a rose bud (for women and men) and hand-hammered metal bracelets adorned with a flower.

flower jewelry