Diary and adventures…

… of traditional flower maker in the bud.

When I was making the collection Résonance, I started making silk artificial flowers thanks to traditional flower making tools and molds (leaves and flowers). I have made two crowns adorned with dupioni silk roses (Crown of roses headbands Roses Ténébreuses and Beauté Fatale), a matching necklace and bracelet adorned with leather flowers (Necklace and Bracelet Etrange Jardin), a cuff bracelet adorned with a burgundy dupioni silk rose (Bracelet Rose Etoilée) and black silk satin roses for the Hat Fascinator Magie Noire.

flower making art

But here is the trap… I completely get hooked by this stunning technique so that I really want to go further into it, to discover all its secrets. This haute couture technique which process is long and fiddly is much more than a creative technique but an intriguing, emotional, complex and artistic process above all in which your creativity can express.

I announce now that from today, I start my in-depth learning of artificial flower making art. I will start making roses and orchids which particularly attract me, painting their petals and leaves. I will try to make my own rose stamens. I even wish to make crowns and bunches when I will gain experience.

I will tell you about my progresses as I go along, my new achievements in this small diary entitled “Diary and adventures of traditional flower maker in the bud”.

It goes without saying that I will continue to propose my fabric designs in my online shop and maybe some more designs adorned with silk flowers.

While waiting for my silk painting supplies, I wanted to immerse again in this art by making headbands adorned with red, black, brown silk roses similar to one I made for me (private collection with black silk satin roses) for the shop with some other tools that I already have.

handmade headbands with silk roses

The headband adorned with red silk roses
The headband adorned with black silk roses
The headband adorned with bronze silk roses

See you soon for my new floral adventures!