I am indulged this year!

france artisanat d'art shop
After Artisanart, another “Artisan d’Art” marketplace looked at my designs: France Artisanat d’Art. This marketplace is dedicated to French craftsmanship. Its creators only select quality professional artisans, mastering their work and savoir-faire, being careful to details when creating their handmade products.
So that it proposes only unique and very limited handmade designs with an artistic twist directly sold by the craftsmen.

They told me they have been seduced by my savoir-faire, my attention to details, my varied accessories and my world melting textiles and jewelry. Thank you!

The little “pluses” are:
they propose on the homepage or directly on the profile of the artisan the possibility to make a personalized or made to measure order for unlimited personalization possibilities. The amateur of these designs can also ask for restoration, renovation/repair of a design.
they created a virtual magazine about French Artisans d’Art news, to promote their designers on the marketplace by making a more developed profile of them, talk about yesterdays and todays craftsmen profiles, practical information such as exhibitions for example.

The marketplace gathers a large choice of “Métiers d’Art” professionals: jeweler, fashion designer, lace maker, marquetry artist, upholsterer, corset maker, light manufacturer, stone cutters, crystal cutter, stone carver, leather carver, etc…

Let’s have a look and fall in love these authentic designs.

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