JEMA 2017 – Pop-Up Store in Antibes

For the 1st time yesterday a pop-up store in Antibes opened at the Galerie des Bains Douches on the theme on the theme “Spring’s coming” at the occasion of the JEMA 2017 (European Days of Arts and crafts) that started the same day in all Europe.

The city of Antibes has been rewarded in August 2016 with the label « Ville et Métiers d’art » (City and the Applied Arts) and in the extension of this quality, Antibes in partnership with the Chamber of trade and craftsmen from the Provence-Alpes-Côte region (CMAR PACA) and the Sophia-Antipolis conurbation (CASA) organized this popup store to promote their local Craftsmen.
Antibes has handed the trophy later that day.

The president of the of the CMAR JP. Galvez, the mayor of the city Mr. Leonetti, officials from the Chamber of trade PACA and well as numerous guests actors of the local activity were here to inaugurate the popup store.

And great surprise for me, I have been interviewed by the journalist of channel FR3 for the Côte d’Azur news to express my feeling about this new marketing way!
Here is the Côte d’Azur News FR3 Côte d’Azur of the March 31th 2017 about the JEMA and the popup store.

I also made a photos of the whole store to share the work of the other craftsmen who participate to it which you can the totality on my facebook page.

The shop is open the March 31th, April 1th and 2th, then April 7th, 8th, 9th.
The other craftsmen of the old Antibes and of Juan-Les Pins open their workshops exclusively for the JEMA week-end and invite you to discover the métiers d’art and the local savoir-faire. Exhibitions of Artisanat d’Art are organized, a métiers d’art market and many other activities. A booklet is available in all the city to be informed of the program if thus cultural circuit.

Galerie des Bains Douche
27 Boulevard d’Aguillon
06600 Antibes Juan les Pins

Craftsmen who participate to the popup store:

Créations Céramiques (Francine Lecoq), ceramist
Dubosq & Fils, Olive wood work
Marielon, textile artist
Marie Valencia, leather craftswoman
Atelier du Scorpion (B et PH Lacreuse), porcelein crystallization
Shangtal, contemporary textile artist
LNOP Créations (Hélène Aupée), poetic accessories
Martine Vial, traditional bookbinding, restoration, booklets, bookbinding courses
Morgane Thomassin, céramist
Charlie O Plumes, creations adorned with feathers
Marbrerie provençale (Denis Riocreux), marble
FBG’ Créations, textile creations
Isabelle Marthouret-Brisset, painter, artist boklets
Forge Christian et Laurence Hoodgewys, craftsman in wrought iron  




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