Event ! Manuela Biocca Designs and Alchemy Gothic united for an upcoming collection

Manuela Biocca Designs and Alchemy Gothic

It is a few months that I am working on a large-scale “secret project” … It has been difficult for me keep my tongue during this period…

The brand “Alchemy Gothic”, very well-known in the gothic, metal, vintage, steampunk and rock worlds and Manuela Biocca fashion designs work together today to create an outstanding collection that will come out next November!

We have many commonalities that make us close, both our common way of working but also personally. So that this collaboration seemed more than natural to me.

Manuela Biocca Designs and Alchemy Gothic
Alchemy has been created in 1977 in Leicester, in England. I was born in 1977 too. So that it gives you a little idea about my age. Shhhh…
The first Goth jewelry that I bought were from this brand and I keep them preciously because some of them are not available anymore.
Their jewelry and accessories are handmade in their workshop by craftsmen. Quite like me, they attach the closest attention this handicraft making.
My attraction for gemstones and precious metals that I use for my designs is somewhat reminiscent their use of pewter, semi-precious metal and of Swarovski crystals
. The Swarovski crystal finely made has become essential in the luxury, fashion and interior design fields.
Their designs are unique and very creative. It’s without any doubt this creativity that make them leader of the alternative jewelry makers. They find their inspirations quite like me in the worlds of mythology, history, fantasy, cinema, esoteric, steampunk and art.

This new collection is entitled “Résonance” (Resonance). I will give you more details during the new collection in the course of November 2015. Because I reserve you many other surprises. STOP! I will say no more here…

Manuela Biocca Designs and Alchemy Gothic