My Tilda doll



That’s it, I couldn’t resist…
For quite a while now I regularly see in creative leisure and sewing magazines the famous Tilda doll. Maybe you know it because there is a real passion for this doll and its different appearances. Sometimes angel, ice skater, dancer, swimmer, it is declined according to seasons with different clothes.
What attracted me in it? I fell in love with its particular shape, its pretty rose cheeks and its extremely long legs.

The Tilda range had been created by Tone Finnanger, Norwegian designer. She enchants and take us in her world since 1999.

But Tilda is not only a doll. It’s a romantic, shabby, cosy, magic, fairy, poetic world imbued with softness. This range proposes of course some kits and books to make the different Tilda dolls but also to make accessories, jewelry, home decorations, animals, sprites… An array of haberdashery items is available to create paper and fabric designs (fabrics, ribbons, buttons, gift wraps, metal boxes… and numerous accessories for sewing or to accessorize the dolls).

So here is my doll that I customized to my own view with a black and red haute couture dress.
Floral dress and a little vintage baggy pants with lace have been my choices.
And I think I want to make one more…

Pattern found in “Tilda’s atelier”






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