Photos of Spring – Summer Pascal Coste – People Coiffure

Last January, I participated to the promotional campaign (Spring – Summer/ Autumn – Winter 2016) for the hair stylist Pascal Coste – People Coiffure!
In order to illustrate the theme of the year (steampunk, medieval, Victorian), the stylist, Alexia, needed some accessories-jewelry and contacted me to be part of the project.

The campaign has been shooted by Stéphane Delavega (Studio DLV in Nice). Here are finally the photos of the Spring-Summer campaign with the models wearing my underbust corsets and corseted belt “Aurora”.

Coste Ete mec-1336

Coste Ete mec-1188

Pascacl Coste 2

Pascacl Coste 1

And the video making of as promised.
Many thanks again to everyone for this beautiful creative experience!

Models : Hannah Line, Sarah, Gaël Maxime
Hair : Mary Mariarca Norac
Mua : Florie Dieleman
Stylist : Alexia Puliti-Mege
Assistant : Louarn Emmanuel
Studio : Studio DLV
Photographer: Stéphane Delavega
Underbust corsets: Manuela Biocca Designs



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