FOCUS – Corseted belt Portes du Destin (Gates of Destiny)

With the launching of the new collection Résonance, I wanted to present the corseted belt “Portes du Destin” (Gates of Destiny) that is delivered with the skull head belt from Alchemy Gothic, corseted belt that can be worn with or without the Alchemy belt according to the style that you want to have.

Corseted belt

Little reminder of its description:  

The corseted belt “Portes du Destin” (Gates of Destiny) is made from the alternation of pieces of black silk and satin. Pieces of lace shaped as medallions are applied on the front and at the back.
A belt Cemetery Gates from the brand Alchemy gothic representing the wrought iron gates of a cemetery and forming a skull head is added on the corseted belt to complete its style. It is enhanced with clear Swarovski crystals.
This design is a limited edition to 3 items and exclusively made to order.

Corseted belt

Even if it is smaller than my usual underbust corsets, it is made with the best practice of corsetry. I wanted it smaller in order to wear it more easily everyday on a dress, a top-trousers outfit or a skirt to enhance the waist.


Alternation of silk (front and back) and black satin (sides).
Enhanced with pieces of lace.

Corseted belt

Corseted belt

Corseted belt

Busk clasp on the front to put it or remove it easily.
It has an underbusk placket to hide the skin or clothes that can be seen sometimes between the two parts of the busk. It’s an option that I regularly add to my underbust corsets because I think it is more aesthetic.*

Back of the belt:

Modesty panel integrated at the back.
Made from silk and lined with black satin, it is adorned with a piece of lace.
The outer side of the modesty is made with the same fabric (silk) that unifies the back of the belt.

What is a modesty panel?
It’s a piece of fabric strengthened and lined with reinforced plastic boning inside strong and soft at the same time to hold it in place and to keep its shape. I chose these plastic bonings for this piece instead of metal ones to respect the curve of the back. It is a floating modesty (integrated with the lacing with eyelets) and can be easily repositioned.

Corseted belt

Corseted belt

Lacing with black satin ribbons.
Eyelets are nickel free so that they can be in contact with the skin without causing allergic responses. They are placed with a professional machine that permits to not tear the fabric and to guaranty its maintenance over time.

Corseted belt


Each fabric (main fabric and lining) is strengthened for a better maintenance over time and a layer of coutil (cotton fabric with a strong weave) is added between the fashion fabric and the lining layers to resist to the pressure of the body on the corset.

A cotton ribbon is placed at the waist that permits at this requested area to reinforce it, to resist to the pressure applied at the waist and to encourage its waist size reduction function.

It has of course metal bonings, flat and spirals 5mm bonings.

corset boning

Black satin lining.

Reminder of the silk fabric inside the belt with plackets at the openings to strengthen them and to contrast with the satin lining.

Corseted belt

This beauty is delivered in this luxury black patent case to protect it from dust and stains.

luxury black box


Its size: smaller than a traditional underbust corset, this belt can be worn more easily with a dress for example, over a skirt or trousers to enhance the waist and to have a dandy look.
The modety panel at the back hiding the skin or clothes.
The underbusk placket hiding the opening between the two parts of the busk.
The Cemetery Gates belt from Alchemy Gothic for a gothic rock style.
Delivered in a luxury black patent case.

Feel free to ask me questions if you want to know more about this design.

For the ones who fell in love with it and want to order the corseted belt “Portes du Destin”, have a look at the Manuela Biocca Designs online shop.

See you soon for another design “Focus”!